How to Clean & Lube Spinning Reels


As an ideal maintenance practice for keeping fishing reels, you need to regularly clean and lube them to make sure that they do not rust or get damaged over time. Cleaning and lubricating spinning reels also involves a systematic process for you to assure long-term storage of the device. Dirty spinning reels can cause the reels to rust and eventually become harder to handle. Knowing how to clean and lube your spinning reel on your own can save you a lot time and money.


Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need

Soapy water



Reel lubricant / lubricating oil

Small brush

Step 1

Wash the reel using soapy water and a clean cloth to rub over its areas. Make sure that you remove all dirt and debris, especially in the spool area. Rinse it with water after rubbing it with soap and use a dry piece of cloth to wipe it dry.

Step 2

Take out the reel’s handle by unscrewing it and removing the retaining screw found on its opposite side.

Step 3

Clean the reel’s body using a cloth to get rid of any old lubricant or debris. Apply some lubricant inside your reel before reattaching its handle.

Step 4

Open the reel’s ball and use a small brush to take out any dirt or debris from its bail mechanism. Take out the spool from the fishing reel by taking out its knob found in front of the spool. Turn the spool in counter-clockwise direction and wipe down the spool with a piece of cloth.

Step 5

Get a small brush and clean the exposed mechanism of the removed spool, and apply a small amount of lubricant before reattaching it to the reel.

Step 6

Apply a thin coat of reel oil on the entire reel to provide an additional layer of protection until the next cleaning.


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