How to Fix Peeling on Chrome Plated Wheels


Chrome plated wheels are prone to damages due to its fragile material. Chrome easily deteriorates and rusts, requiring you to keep a keen eye in maintaining every part of the wheel. In case you find out that the rims of your wheels have started to peel, you need to have it repaired to prevent further damage to the entire car part. Fixing peeling chrome plated wheels requires the use of silicone wheel sealer and repaint the rims to bring back its presentable form.





Things You’ll Need

Soft cloth

Rubbing alcohol

Wire brush

Chrome paint

Normal-sized paintbrush

Hard epoxy

Silicone wheel sealer


Step 1


Check the rims of the chrome plated wheels to see the extent of the peeling or damage. Take out the outer wheel from the chrome by pressing the rim gently to pop it out of the tire.


Step 2


Use a soft cloth dabbed in rubbing alcohol to wipe off any loose debris or dirt on the wheels. Scrub it thoroughly with a wire brush in order to get rid of all the remaining grime and dirt. Pay specific attention to the rim as this is where most of the dirt builds up.






Step 3


Paint the small areas that were peeled off of paint or scratched using chrome paint and a normal-sized paintbrush. Apply hard epoxy for any deep grooves or gashes. Let the paint and the epoxy dry for at least 5 hours.


Step 4


Spray one thick layer of your silicone wheel sealer on the entire chrome to prevent further build up of dirt in all areas of the wheels.





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