How to Insert a Grommet


Grommets are also known as cringles, which are tiny round metal pieces that reinforce a hole on any piece of cloth or fabric. This prevents the fabric from tearing up or opening wider. You will often see grommets on tarpaulins or flags, allowing a rope through. These are also used on handbags and clothes to provide a unique touch and accessory to these items. If you want to insert a grommet on any piece of fabric, you can do it on your own and using a few simple tools.


Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need

Cloth / fabric

Butcher’s block


Saddle punch


Grommet setting tool

Step 1

Place the cloth over the butcher’s block. Make a hole slightly smaller than the grommet’s inner opening using a hammer and a saddle punch.

Step 2

Set the half of the grommet that resembles a small top hat into the hole that you just made on your cloth. Force the cloth down around the grommet’s shaft using your nails.

Step 3

Place the bottom part of the grommet setting tool on any flat solid surface, with the tool’s concave side faced towards you. The bottom part of the tool resembles a bagel.

Step 4

Put the cloth with its washer in at the bottom of your setting tool. The grommet’s piece inserted in the cloth must be resting in the tool’s curve, while its shaft is facing up.

Step 5

Slide the grommet washer right over the shaft that is sticking through your cloth and place its grommet setting tool’s tube-shaped section over your washer.

Step 6

Rap and seal the top part of the grommet setting tool using your hammer, hitting it about three to five times to ensure that the grommet stays pressed against the cloth.


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