How to Remove Bust Darts


Darts are made using folds on fabric to create a three-dimensional shape to that piece of garment. These are often used as part of women’s clothing in order to follow the wearer’s shape. There are two types of darts that are often used in clothes, one is the vertical dart and the other one is the bust dart. Bust darts are the short triangle folds providing space for women’s breasts to make sure that the clothes fit close to the wearer. Here is how you can remove bust darts from your clothes.





Things You’ll Need

Measuring tape



Sharp scissors


Step 1


Measure the width and depth of the bust dart using your measuring tape.


Step 2


Place a piece of paper on a flat surface and place the pattern or clothing piece over it. Trace the center front, shoulder seam, neckline, bust point, armscye, hem or the bodice’s bottom part and other notches or marks in need of sewing using your pencil.


Step 3


Fold the bust dart and use your pencil to mark its center front with the same amount as the dart’s width. For instance, if the bust dart is an inch wide, mark its center front at an inch from the end of the hem.




Step 4


Mark the side of the seam from the edge at the bottom part of the piece. This will be the point where your bottom hemline will fall after you fold the dart.


Step 5


Trace the clothing piece’s armhole as well as the new side seam.  Do the same for the new hemline and cut along your traced marks using a pair of sharp scissors. This will completely remove the bust dart from the pattern piece.





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