How to Repaint Steel Railing


Steel fixtures and furniture can easily rust or lose its fine texture over time. This is why it is essential to maintain its outer material and surface by repainting the steel. Steel railings often require repainting since most people use these as support while walking up and down the stairs or to restrict others from entering a certain area. To repaint the steel railing, you can use a few tools and materials at home. To make sure that you come up with a good repainting job, you need to use the right paint for your railing.





Things You’ll Need

Steel bristled brush

Metal file

Medium-grit sandpaper

Damp rag

Phosphoric acid

Trim brush

Oil-based primer

Oil-based metal paint



Step 1


Remove any visible rust or peeling paint from the surface of the steel railing. Brush a steel bristled brush onto the railing, moving the brush back and forth in quick motions while apply enough pressure on the brush to remove the rush and paint.


Step 2


Rub a metal file on the surface of the railing, moving the file back and forth to get rid of all the rust.




Step 3


Sand the rounded and curved portions of the railing using medium-grit sandpaper to remove the rest of the peeling paint and rust. Use a damp rag to wipe the area from dust and small debris after sanding.


Step 4


Spray phosphoric acid onto the steel railing, following the directions of the manufacturer. The acid will aid in getting rid of all the remaining rust by combining with it and forming an iron phosphate crust. Leave the acid overnight to dry and brush it off the following day with your steel bristled brush.


Step 5


Soak a trim brush with oil-based primer and apply a coat of the primer onto the railing. Let it dry for about 4 to 8 hours.


Step 6


Finish the steel railing by painting it with oil-based metal paint, applying a thin coat with your paintbrush. Start painting from the top of the steel railing, moving your way down. Use quick strokes and leave the first coat to dry for at least 4 hours before doing a second coat.


Step 7


Leave the paint to dry for at least 24 hours.




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