How to Spray Latex Enamel


Latex enamel paints provide a more eco-friendly finish to your furniture pieces. This is because latex enamel paint is easy to clean and can last for a long time. Unlike normal paint that easily tears apart after a short period of time or undergoing severe weathers, latex enamel paint is more durable. The best way to apply spray latex enamel paint is to use a spray gun. This will allow you to create even coats and apply the right thickness of paint on your furniture or wall.



Things You’ll Need

HVLP spray gun

Air compressor

Latex enamel paint

Paint thinner or water

Viscosity cup


Step 1

Attach the HVLP spray gun to your air compressor and test it to make sure that its connections are working and airtight.

Step 2

Pour the latex enamel paint in a clean bucket to start the thinning process. Add 20 percent thinner and stir it with the paint. You have the option to use water as a thinner, just make sure that you get the right consistency, and the paint does not become too thin to avoid separation of colors.

Step 3

Use a viscosity cup to test the paint’s thinning. Dip the viscosity cup into the bucket of paint, submerging it completely. Take out the cup upwards from your bucket of paint and hold the cup over it to allow the excess paint to stream back into your bucket.

Step 4

Time how long the stream of paint develops its first break. Refer to the manual of the manufacturer for the recommended length of time for the paint to be considered properly thinned. If you are short on time, add more water or thinner to the mixture, or add paint of the time is too long.

Step 5

Pour the thinned latex enamel paint into the spray gun’s gravity feed paint reservoir. Set its air pressure in between 15 to 20 PSI and point your spray gun at about 6 to 8 inches from the surface and at a 90-degree angle.

Step 6

Open your material feed to allow the paint to drop to its reservoir and trigger the spray gun, moving across the surface to create an even coat.


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